This notorious London Rock/Punk band have made national headlines a few times, appearing in The Sun Newspaper for apparantly stealing Russell Brand's garden gnome.   Their song 'Tinkerbell' (2012) was also reviewed in the Daily Star. The video featured Channel 4's Seven Dwarves star Josh Bennett playing an intoxicated oompa loompa. 

The band has recorded three albums and made six music videos to date, and are now busy recording their next album with famous Nirvana producer, Steve Albini in Chigaco, USA. 

Medusa hold regular monthly gigs in London and have over time built a reputation for being wild and raucous. The band's influences include the Sex Pistols, Nirvana and Van Halen.


Stoke Newington Music Festival appearances

Sunday 22 October 22:00 at The Mascara Bar

Medusa are a punk-influenced rock band, based in London

Medusa - The Sweetest Elixir [EXPLICIT]